Tampons, pads and chocolate delivered to your door.

Periods, the easy way.

Periods in our life
Nearest supermarket
Of your life buying products
Effort required each month

Let Lois handle it in 3 easy steps

The simple way to manage your period.

Step 1


Choose a combination of tampons and pads, select your favourite brand and set a delivery date.

No contract

Step 2


Lois will deliver your products 3-5 days before your period starts or during the first week of each month.

Free delivery

Step 3


Sit back and relax with a delicious treat from Lois included with every subscription for FREE.


… or try our Period Starter Kit

Every girl should have one!


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"Australian Women get ready for the best thing to land on your door! Totally in love with Love Lois"


"@LoveLoisAU that is hilarious! Does it include a plane ticket for boyfriends?"


"Just as I reach menopause someone comes up with this idea. Just my luck."


"Just signed up for @LoveLoisAU as soon as it comes in the mail il post about it! #girlstuff #lovelois http://t.co/4NOH0G9nFy #notsponsored"

− Everyday Aimee

"@LoveLoisAU Hi! How many rollerblades will I get with my order? #thattimeofthemonth"

− Beatrix Coles

"Thank you for your prompt email reply and for my gluten free chocolate alternative to replace your regular sweet treats surprising us in our parcels! <3"

− Julie Facinelli Wyle

"Australian Women get ready for the best thing to land on your door! Totally in love with @LoveLoisAU!"

− Olivia Tilley

"Just received my first box today and I was very impressed a good amount of pads... plus the herbal teabags and chocolates were a nice touch just the right amount of sweet treats for us health conscious girls! Plus the plain gift box makes it ideal to reuse."

− Julie Facinelli Wyle

What’s in the box?

Each month you will receive just the right amount of tampons and/or pads for your period, based on the plan you pick. We’ll also include a delicious chocolate treat to make you smile, as well as other fabulous goodies!

Free shipping Australia wide.

No commitment, stress free & full of love.