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Fight Period Cramps the Natural Way

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Even as experts remain skeptical about the presence or intensity of some symptoms of PMS (like extreme mood swings), one thing is fairly certain – close to 80% women have experienced some form of physical menstrual discomfort.

This could be in the form of mild pain in the abdomen, back pain, or severe cramps anywhere below the waist. For some lucky women, the pain is mild and fleeting and doesn’t affect their day to day lives. However, for others, it becomes next to impossible to function properly in the wake of repeated, painful menstrual cramps.

Your Monthly Friend’s New Best Friend

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Best friends are so amazing…they always know just what you need, any time, especially that time, the dreaded monthly visit from Mother Nature. Best friends can sympathize when your hormones are making you feel slightly mad and possibly even homicidal, and they are always there to complain to when your period is getting you down.

Some best friends are better than others. You know the ones; always show up with chocolates in hand or a bottle of wine to help get you through the worst of your period. These are the same ones you can count on to run down to the shops and grab some pads for you when you realize you’ve forgotten to stock up, or who’ll discreetly deliver a few tampons to your office to save you the hassle when your period shows up and you’ve left your ‘supplies’ at home.