January 18, 2022

Uses for your old candles

Candles are a small luxury that can be found in nearly every home. The wick is gone, and you are left with a lumpy wax that goes unutilized. This extra should not be wasted

Zip It!

A sticky zipper can make it difficult to get your coat on in cold weather. This problem can be fixed by using a neutral-colored candle to lubricate it. Apply the wax to both the front and back of your teeth. Zip up and down until you see the tab slide smoothly. This works well for zippers on tents, sleeping bags, and other items.

Be quiet, please

A quick fix can be used to solve sticky drawers and creaky doors. You can silence a door by taking out the hinge pins and then using a paraffin candle to rub the pins. Reinstall the hinges and replace the door. Next, open and close each door several times to distribute the wax evenly. Rub the candle along the runners to loosen stubborn drawers. Slide the candles in and out to spread wax.

Melted Magic

In recent years, scented wax warmers have been very popular. However, you don’t need to spend a lot on expensive melts. To enjoy your favorite scents even after the candle is gone; you can cut old scented candles into small pieces and place them in your wax warmer.

Slippery Savior

This clever trick makes it easy to dig out snowstorms. Rub a candle on your shovel before you head outside to get rid of the elements. This will make it easier to remove snow from your tool.

Gets it going?

To make your fire starters, you can use leftover candle wax and dryer lint. Use dryer lint to fill an empty egg carton. Then melt the wax in a saucepan on low heat. Next, pour a generous amount of the mixture over each pile. Allow the carton to rest overnight. Then, cut or tear apart the cups for your next fire.

Seal and Save

You can use leftover candle wax as a temporary replacement for caulk. Fill in any gaps or holes around doors, windows, foundations, and other areas that might have air leaks. You can save money on your energy bills by making your home more compact. The old wax is also free!

Lengthen Lace Life

Dip the ends of your shoelaces in a little bit of melted wax to prevent them from fraying. The hardened wax will prevent your shoelaces from splitting and make them easier to thread.

Old is New Again

Making new candles is perhaps the easiest way to use old candles. It doesn’t matter if you have an old glass canning container, an empty Pringles tube, or a vintage teacup; it’s easy to make unique candles with any type of vessel. You can melt the wax in low heat and then pour it into the container you choose. You can then insert a new wick and let it harden overnight. Then, you can cut the wick down to make your creation.


To fix scratches, dings, and dents on wood furniture or flooring, you can use wax. Rub an old candle on the area to fill the indentation. Use a stain pen or furniture marker to match the wood’s color.

Pins and Needles

Sharp needles, safety pins, and straight pins can be safely stored in the stump of an old candle. To be ready for any clothing emergency, simply insert the pointy ends of the wax into the container.

Signed, sealed, and delivered

Candle wax is a great seal for fancy letters and folksy cards. You can melt the wax onto an envelope with a long match. Then, stamp your stamp using a wax seal stamp. These stamps are available at most craft and hobby shops.

Scuff Surprise

To remove scratches and scuffs from leather shoes and furniture, you can use candle wax or canola oil. Mix a quarter cup of the wax with a tablespoon of canola oil on low heat. Allow the mixture to cool down slightly. Then apply the mixture to the leather using a soft cloth. Buff until it is completely dry. If the mixture begins to solidify, heat it on low heat until it liquefies once more.

Waterproof Warrior

To protect them from the elements, rub a candle on shipping labels or return addresses to waterproof them. The same technique can be used to protect recipe cards from food spills or other accidents. This will ensure that your favorite recipes will last a lifetime.

Crafty Cloth

In traditional Indonesian batik crafts, wax is used to make decorative fabric designs. This age-old technique is easy to master. Simply melt the wax slowly over a gentle heat and then pour it onto T-shirts, tablecloths, or pillowcases. After the wax has dried completely, dip the material in dye. The material will have a unique design because the waxed parts will not absorb the color. Cover the waxed areas with several layers of paper towel. Then iron in a warm setting. Keep changing the paper towels until all the wax is gone.

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