January 18, 2022

How Do You Choose The Right Doormat?

The Basics.

A doormat’s primary function is to collect dirt and water from your shoes. It then holds onto the mess so it doesn’t get into your home. Although doormats can look beautiful and add a finishing touch to your entryway, the most important aspect is how clean they are. It is worth investing in good-quality mats as they protect your interior flooring from dirt and damage, and reduce the time spent cleaning.

In an ideal world, every entrance would need 2 doormats. To remove dirt and debris from the floor, your first barrier mat should be a scraper mat like a coir mat. Next, you need an absorbent mat like a washable mat to soak up any moisture. One mat can be placed outside and one inside the door. Coir is a great mat choice if you only have one. It has a good scraping action and is absorbent but not as much as a washable mat.

It’s all about the size.

A large mat inside the house big enough to stand on while you remove them from your feet” is a great way to do so.

To ensure both feet contact the mat as often as possible, you can turn your mat so it runs in portrait orientation.

Coir matting can be cut to the size you need to carpet an entire porch floor. This is a great way to make sure your mat is large enough.


Longer piles are not always better. A firmer brushing action is required to remove dirt from shorter pile mats. Think about how bristly short hair can feel!

To ensure the mat is in place, check the clearance of your door.

The best placemat:

Outside (exposed elements)

To allow moisture to escape, an open backing is necessary. PVC-backed mats placed outside won’t dry properly. This will cause a bubbling effect that will reduce the lifespan of your mat. Print designs that are placed outside have a shorter life expectancy than those kept indoors.

The best choices:

  • Traditional hand-stitched Coir (not PVC-backed)
  • Standard sized coir mats (woven backing)
  • Rubber doormats

Outside (undercovered porch)

This will provide some protection from the elements. A printed design would last longer and PVC-backed matting could also be used if it is kept away from the rain.

The best choices:

  • Coir Traditional hand-stitched
  • Standard sized coir mats (woven backing)
  • Rubber doormats

Mat Wells

PVC-backed Coir can be used to make mat wells. It can even be cut to the exact size you require, even if the shape of your mat well is unusual. It also comes in a variety of thicknesses (17mm to 20mm), 23mm to 23mm, and 28mm to suit most well depths. To make your mat well deeper than this, simply cut piece plywood to the proper thickness and place it in the bottom of your mat well. Then, you can put your coir mat on top.

Patio Doors / Double Doors

For your front door, the same advice applies. You should have an absorber and a scraper mat. For patio doors, we have specially-sized long mats in Coir for the outside and inside.

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